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50+ Fun Non-Food Halloween Treats


Every Halloween, millions of children across the United States excitedly prepare to embark on a classic American tradition: trick-or-treating. The anticipation of donning costumes, exploring neighborhoods, and collecting bags of sweet treats fills the air with a palpable sense of magic. But amid this enchanting atmosphere, a less visible but equally real struggle unfolds for a significant number of children. Non-food Halloween treats aim to safeguard the health of these children and be a beacon of inclusivity.

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Approximately 32 million Americans, including 5.6 million children, are living with food allergies, according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). Among them, there’s a subset who face the added challenge of celiac disease and gluten-related disorders.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Celiac disease: affects an estimated 1-4% of the population.
  • Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS): affects an estimated 6% of the population.
  • Food allergies: affect approximately 32 million Americans (11% of adults 18 and over and 8% of children).
  • Food intolerances: affect approximately 20% of the population.

For these children, Halloween’s allure is accompanied by trepidation. The prospect of biting into a candy bar, chewing on licorice, or indulging in a handful of gummy worms brings not just sugary delight but also the haunting specter of allergic reactions, digestive distress, and gluten-induced health complications.

In the hours leading up to the big night, parents meticulously pore over candy labels, searching for gluten-free and allergen-safe options, perhaps even resorting to home-baked treats to ensure their child’s safety. These dedicated parents are well aware that one thoughtless choice can transform Halloween joy into a nightmarish medical emergency.

As the sun dips below the horizon and costumed children take to the streets, the challenges persist. It’s not unusual to watch a child decline a piece of candy offered with pure intentions, uttering, “I can’t have that; I have allergies” or “I can’t eat gluten.” Their disappointment at missing out on the full candy cornucopia is palpable, but so is their determination to safeguard their health.

This Halloween, as you pass by the glowing pumpkins and cheerful ghouls adorning the neighborhood, take a moment to reflect on the silent struggles of these children. Their resilience and the love and support of their families are the unsung heroes behind their Halloween smiles.

Why Should You Provide Non-Food Halloween Treats?

Providing non-food treats for Halloween is a considerate and inclusive way to ensure that everyone, including those with food allergies, dietary restrictions, and other health conditions, can fully participate in the festivities. Here are several important reasons to offer non-food treats on Halloween:

  1. Food Allergies: Many children and adults have food allergies, some of which can be life-threatening. Providing non-food treats reduces the risk of allergic reactions and keeps Halloween safe for those with allergies.
  2. Celiac Disease and Dietary Restrictions: People with celiac disease must strictly avoid gluten, while others have various dietary restrictions or sensitivities. Non-food treats offer a safe alternative for these individuals.
  3. Inclusivity: Halloween should be a time of enjoyment for all. Non-food treats promote inclusivity, allowing everyone to participate without feeling excluded due to dietary limitations.
  4. Awareness: Offering non-food treats helps raise awareness about food allergies and dietary restrictions, fostering understanding and empathy among the community.
  5. Safety: For parents of children with allergies or dietary restrictions, Halloween can be a stressful time. Non-food treats ease this stress by providing a clear and safe option for their kids.
  6. Variety: Non-food treats add variety to the Halloween experience. Children can enjoy stickers, toys, or other items that they might find just as exciting as candy.
  7. Diversity: Halloween is celebrated by people from various cultural backgrounds and with different dietary traditions. Non-food treats can cater to a broader range of preferences.
  8. Community Building: Participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project and offering non-food treats can build a sense of community. It shows that neighbors and community members care about the well-being of those with dietary restrictions.
  9. Long-Lasting: Non-food treats can provide enjoyment beyond Halloween night. Stickers, toys, and other items can be used and appreciated for weeks or months.
  10. Innovation: Non-food treats allow for creativity and innovation. They can be tailored to fit a specific theme or be unique and memorable.

Offering non-food treats on Halloween is a thoughtful and responsible way to make the holiday enjoyable and safe for everyone. It promotes inclusivity, raises awareness, and fosters empathy within the community. By participating in initiatives like the Teal Pumpkin Project and providing non-food treats, you contribute to a more inclusive and caring Halloween experience for all.

Non-Food Halloween Treats to Pass Out

Non-food items can make fantastic Halloween party favors for kids. You can pass out a wide variety of these items on Halloween to make the holiday fun and inclusive for everyone, including those with celiac disease, food allergies and dietary restrictions. Here’s a list of non-food treats that are well-received:

  1. Beaded Mardi Gras Necklaces: Beaded Mardi Gras Necklaces, the festive and eye-catching addition to Halloween treats or party favors, invite kids to adorn themselves in vibrant, New Orleans-inspired style.
  2. Bookmarks: Offer bookmarks with various designs, including spooky or seasonal ones.
  3. Bouncy Balls: Small rubber balls with fun bounce.
  4. Bracelets and Wristbands: Consider bracelets with Halloween designs, such as bats or jack-o’-lanterns.
  5. Bubbles: Mini bottles of bubbles can provide entertainment and create a festive atmosphere.
  6. Crazy Straws: Crazy straws, the colorful and zany addition to Halloween treats or party favors make sipping drinks an amusing experience.
  7. Fake Mustaches: Fake mustaches, the whimsical and transformative addition to Halloween treats or party favors, allow kids to assume quirky personas with a playful and stylish flair, enhancing the festive spirit of the occasion.
  8. Fidget Toys: Fidget toys, the tactile and stress-relief addition to Halloween treats or party favors, offer kids a versatile and soothing way to fidget and play, ensuring a memorable and entertaining celebration.
  9. Foam Gliders: Small foam glider planes for outdoor fun.
  10. Flying Ninjas: Let kids unleash their inner ninja by sending these little warriors soaring through the air.
  11. Glow in the Dark Mochis: Glow in the Dark Mochis, the squishy and luminous addition to Halloween treats or party favors, captivate children with their tactile delight and a thrilling glow after dark.
  12. Glow Sticks or Glow Necklaces: These provide a fun and safe accessory for trick-or-treaters.
  13. Halloween Crafts: Rainbow scratch art paper is both entertaining and travels well.
  14. Halloween Erasers: Erasers in the shape of Halloween symbols or characters are both fun and practical.
  15. Halloween LED Fidget Spinner Bracelets: Combine style and sensory fun for young revelers to spin and glow their way into an unforgettable celebration.
  16. Halloween Make a Face Stickers: Unleash young imaginations as they mix and match stickers to create quirky, entertaining faces.
  17. Headbands: Fun headbands that fit the Halloween theme.
  18. Halloween Masks: Simple masks or eye masks can add a fun and mysterious element to costumes.
  19. Halloween Pencils and Erasers: Themed pencils and erasers with ghosts, pumpkins, or bats are both fun and useful for school.
  20. Halloween Mini Squeeze Balls: a portable and stress-relieving addition to Halloween treats or party favors, offer kids a fun way to relieve anxiety while adding a playful touch to the celebration.
  21. Halloween LED Light Up Rings: A dazzling and eye-catching addition to Halloween treats or party favors that add a mesmerizing touch of illumination to young trick-or-treaters’ attire.
  22. Halloween Rings: Plastic rings with spooky designs can be worn as accessories.
  23. Halloween Sensory Stretch Strings: Sensory stretch strings, a tactile and fidget-friendly addition to Halloween and provide a dynamic and textured way for kids to explore and play.
  24. Halloween-themed Keychains: Keychains with miniature Halloween characters or symbols.
  25. Halloween-themed Pencil Toppers: Decorative pencil toppers in the shape of Halloween icons.
  26. Halloween-themed Rubber Ducks: Small rubber ducks in Halloween costumes are a unique and cute option.
  27. Halloween-themed Slap Bracelets: Slap bracelets with Halloween patterns add a touch of excitement to costumes.
  28. Halloween Wind Up Toys: Wind-up toys add an element of playful surprise to Halloween treats or party favors as they come to life with a simple twist.
  29. Musical Kazoos: The whimsical and melodic addition to Halloween treats or party favors, let kids create their own playful tunes in a harmonious celebration.
  30. Miniature Coloring Sets: Pocket-sized coloring sets with Halloween themes are a creative treat.
  31. Mini Board Games: Pocket-sized board games or card games.
  32. Mini Flashlights: Practical and safe for trick-or-treating at night.
  33. Mini Notepads: Small notepads with Halloween designs are handy for jotting down notes or doodles.
  34. Mini Kinetic Sand: This gluten and casein free alternative to playdough can provide creative and sensory fun.
  35. Mini Magnetic Doodle Pads: Offer young guests a world of imaginative sketching and erasing fun in the palm of their hands.
  36. Musical Mini Maracas: Mini maracas, a delightful and rhythmic addition to Halloween, let kids shake, rattle, and roll their way into a musical adventure.
  37. Musical Mini Trumpets: Inspire young revelers to toot their own horns and join the jubilant celebration.
  38. Legos: Legos, the classic and creative building blocks, serve as versatile Halloween non-food treats that encourage young imaginations to construct endless adventures.
  39. Pirate Eye Patches: Pirate eye patches are a swashbuckling addition to your party, allowing young buccaneers to embrace their inner pirates with flair.
  40. Pirate Mini Compasses: Pirate mini compasses make the perfect Halloween treats or party favors for young adventurers, guiding them on thrilling treasure hunts with a touch of nautical charm.
  41. Pirate Treasure: What treasure hunt would be complete without gold coins? Golden coins, resembling pirate treasure, add a touch of whimsy and sparkle to Halloween treats or party favors, giving young trick-or-treaters a taste of the high seas.
  42. Pop-its: Pop-its, the satisfying and sensory delight, make for fantastic Halloween treats or party favors, letting kids unleash a burst of fun with each pop.
  43. Puzzle Toys: Miniature puzzles or brain teasers are engaging and entertaining.
  44. Small Toys: Consider small toys like rubber spiders, bouncing balls, or plastic figurines with Halloween themes.
  45. Slap Bracelets: Slap bracelets, a fun and fashionable addition to Halloween and offer instant style and playful entertainment for trick-or-treaters.
  46. Spooky Finger Puppets: Miniature finger puppets with Halloween themes.
  47. Spooky Stress Toys: Soft and squeezable stress relief toys in Halloween shapes.
  48. Stickers: Stickers with various designs and themes are popular among children.
  49. Temporary Tattoos: Halloween-themed temporary tattoos are a hit with kids.
  50. Toothbrushes: Toothbrushes, a thoughtful and practical addition to Halloween treats or party favors, promote dental hygiene while ensuring smiles stay bright even after indulging in sweets.
  51. Slingshot Chickens: Slingshot Chickens are a quirky and amusing way to serve as entertaining Halloween fun by allowing children to launch these feathered friends into high-flying hilarity.
  52. Stretchy Skeletons: Stretchy skeletons, spooky and fun, make for captivating Halloween treats or party favors that can be stretched and twisted to add a touch of eerie entertainment to the festivities.
  53. Whistles: Whistles are a high-energy addition to Halloween and bring a playful and noisy element to the celebration, ensuring that little ghouls and goblins can make themselves heard.
  54. Zipper Bracelets: Zipper bracelets, a trendy and stylish addition to Halloween treats or party favors, offer an edgy and fun accessory for young partygoers to enjoy long after the festivities.

These non-food treats are not only allergy-friendly but also appreciated by kids for their novelty and entertainment value. They can make Halloween enjoyable for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions due to medical conditions like celiac disease, food allergies, gluten-related disorders, and more.

Passing out non-food treats on Halloween is a thoughtful and responsible choice that contributes to a more inclusive and caring holiday experience for all. It promotes inclusivity, raises awareness, and fosters empathy within the community, ensuring that everyone can enjoy Halloween safely and without dietary concerns.


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